Ask a question Reset. If you can’t get it to work on your Mac, you can always sell it to a Windows user since all PCs still have a parallel port and Windows XP has drivers for the LaserWriter Select pretty ironic. If you’re offering the Windows disks for the ThinkPad option, Win98 comes with support for the LW built in, strangely enough. Well, MJ, I hate to say it that while I’ve got the printer on the network, it’s output leaves a lot to be desired. You must log in to post a comment.

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Didn’t take much configuration, either.

LaserWriter Select Technical Specifications

You must log in to post a comment. It’s great to be printing at home again.

I live in Saratoga Springs Acrobat Pro pdf file – good images need density tweaking InDesign – very good better than Quark Safari – not so good on this Ars page printed 7 or 8 pages of very narrow columnsame deal at MacNN tried apple laserwriter select 360 as PDF And boy do I miss the beautiful apple laserwriter select 360 and lakes and the wine country around the Finger Lakes.


These printers are QuickDraw-only printersdo not use AppleTalk, and cannot be “recognized” or “identified” in the usual way. Prices like that assume apple laserwriter select 360 you are close to a university or large city that recycles. Dec 13, 2: Can someone please provide me with the necessary steps to utilize this old, but still viable printer? Sun Feb 15, 9: I’m off to SD to see what they got. However, it is expensive to supply.

Mine’s getting a bit squeaky, but it cranks out the pages just fine.

LaserWriter Select 360:Technical Specifications

I know you had problems with Safari and Word from the other thread. Appaloosa mac man Appaloosa mac man. Yes, whole printers ie. Depending on how the search at Small Dog goes, drop me an email address in profile.

I just sought a method slect getting every bit of use out of the Lasrwriter that I could. I think I’m almost looking forward to this.

I own several Macs and have an Airport wireless connection via a Linksys router which currently allows me to use several wireless printers. As a low-end printer, it supports LocalTalk but not ethernet. Don’t know if they have them now, but apple laserwriter select 360 never know!


But, I’m sorry, it just ain’t “upstate. You know, apple laserwriter select 360 case you wanted to start a quest Dec 10, 4: The Hudson Valley is beautiful too, in a more populated, cultivated way.

Both are available on the used market and the Asante is sometimes available new. If you want me to look for it I can do that might take a couple days.

This printer apple laserwriter select 360 NOT supported by the linux foundation driver. If you’re offering the Windows disks for the ThinkPad option, Win98 comes kaserwriter support for the LW built in, strangely enough. Please help me use this LaserWriter Select I have a LW hooked up to a Netgear wireless router through the Asante Ethernet to Localtalk adaptor and it works flawlessly.

I probably have a manual somewhere. Dec 11, 7: I may still look into investing in Shuttle setup, re-using the Duron processor, memory, hd, et al.